An Afternoon of Planting at the Giminez Riili Bodega

Hidden deep within the foothills of Uco Valley, the Giminez Riili bodega is truly a picturesque Mendoza vineyard. Collectively run by five brothers, the bodega has been in the family for several generations. Recently, the bodega launched a new label design that parallels this engrained theme of family, depicting the five brothers walking together throughout the vineyard.

One Friday afternoon in September, the Giminez Riili family decided to share the planting experience with some close friends.  The afternoon started out in the fields.  After Federico and his father jointly explained the technique of planting the young vines, everyone was given an opportunity to plant their own.  Even the wives, who were wearing some pretty spectacular heels, were out in the fields alongside the Giminez Riili men!

Once several rows of vines were planted, lunch was served underneath a beautiful canopy overlooking the vineyard and the surrounding mountains.  Empanadas, asado, homemade wine and good company made for a truly authentic Argentinian asado experience.

After lunch, we were shown the site of the bodega’s latest project. The new complex will have six bedrooms, a restaurant and a terrace overlooking the stunning vineyard and surrounding foothills. The goal is to have the restaurant open by March.

Article and video by Kaylee Schwitzer

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