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Wine Republic is a free magazine written in English and Portuguese, distributed throughout Argentina (Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes) specializing in Mendoza and its wine.

Foreign visitors can enjoy original articles, written by native English and Portuguese speakers who are passionate about Mendoza and its wine. Both Magazines help break down the language barrier, provide entertaining cultural analysis as well as valuable practical advice on where to go, what to eat and drink in Mendoza.

Wine Republic prints (per year) 60,000 magazines in English and 40,000 in Portuguese providing a significant service to the wine Tourism industry in Mendoza by publishing two foreign language magazines specializing in the area.

The magazine has been published since 2003 and has been recommended as a local guide to Mendoza and Argentina in the Lonely Planet and by the New York Times among other publications.

For information on advertising costs please click here: Price List for the English version, or our Price list for the Portuguese version.

Who we are


Director & Editor: Charlie O´Malley

Wine Editor: Emilie Giraud

Publicisher & Wine Republic em Português Editor: Mariana Gomez Rus

c&aDesign: CIRCLAN

Advertising Director: Ana Laura Aguilera

Contributors (editorial and photography): Maddie Blasberg,

Christopher Davies, Molly Hetz, Emily Seitz, Timarie Chan, Kaylee Schwitzer,


Jessica Needle, Jeanne Coelho

3 responses to “About Us & Contact

  1. I am an ex-pat living in Las Carditas with my Argentine wife and we both enjoy Wine Republic very much. We are interested in finding a retired couple who would like to live in our village and do light house and gardening work. We have not had much luck finding anyone locally and wondered if there might not be foreigners wishing to live in an idyllic setting and getting paid enough to support themselves with food and board plus some amenities.

    Looking through your magazine I can’t find any advertisements that would fall in that category but thought maybe blog would attract interest.

    • Hi Darrel,

      Thank you for your comments. I suggest you try posting on the Mendoza Expat Community page on facebook, often people are very helpful there.

      Thanks, and please keep enjoying Wine Republic!

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